GOAL 0.0 2019

GOAL initiatives “On the Wagon”

Cultivating Conscious Mindful Choices…

The GOAL 0.0 Football Culture Festival & Tournament is the first of its kind in Canada; a site where Sports, Culture & Lifestyle bring like-minded individuals together in a healthy party atmosphere with ZERO Alcohol on site. GOAL 0.0 will provide a platform for conversations about sobriety and wellness, following the Straight Edge lifestyle or simply choosing to not drink or take drugs anymore due to new life choices. You don’t have to live in social isolation simply because you choose sobriety; you can live clean and still have a great time and be social. We plan on proving just that! Your hangovers go away but your social life doesn’t!

GOAL initiatives 0.0 will host a speaker series on wellness and sobriety, a FIFA women’s world cup viewing party and GOAL vendor village complete with food, non-alcoholic beverages, a barber and so much more!

The GOAL Soccer Tournament is a community and family event. GOAL assembles merchants, employees, residents, children, families, volunteers, stars and athletes with the goal to unite at one common juncture – to raise funds for organizations focused on healthier life choices.

Bring the whole family!

Don’t forget to bring cash for the raffles!

This year’s GOAL 0.0 Footy Culture Festival & Tournament is:

Saturday, July 6th, 2019
McGill University 475 Avenue des Pins O. Montréal
There is currently space available for sponsorship and team entry (spaces are limited).