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Who we are:

GOAL initiatives is a community of disruptors making a difference through cultural development, wellness, and youth sports programming.

What we do:


How we do it:

We collaborate with world renowned creative minds and visionary partners to bring remarkable event experiences that GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY and showcase the synergy between football and the art world, music industry, and fashion

Why it matters:

Sports & wellness are an important factor in child development. Whether it teaches tolerance, perseverance, work ethic or breaks physical and mental health taboos, youth programming can be the difference between the path to success & well-being and one of affliction & solitude.

How We Started

Origin of GOAL

It was on a cold rainy day back in June of 2008 when the Lions Cup inaugural tournament brought together it’s first round of friends, family, and supporters to play in what has turned into Montreal’s largest footy festival & tournament, GOAL MTL.

Burgundy Lion had just opened their doors when co-owner and GOAL initiatives Founder Paul Desbaillets set his sights on hosting an event that would raise money for Little Burgundy. A neighborhood near and dear to his heart, having spent much of his youth and at the time had just opened what is recognized today as one of Montreal’s most notable pubs.

1st Win & Getting Rolling

Soccer being what it was in Canada back in 2008, it wasn’t easy to put together a crew of people willing to play in a virtually unknown sport but thanks to amazing sponsors like Labatt, Molson, and Sleeman, Paul was able to pull together the event even though he claims that he never thought it would go further than that initial 1st edition.

“We had no idea what we were doing but we knew we wanted to
give back to the community.” – Paul Desbaillets, Founder of GOAL initiatives

Raising Money & Growing

A decade later, and thousands of dollars raised, the event itself has grown exponentially. The Lions Cup became GOAL MTL which can now be found in the portfolio of fundraising events produced by what is now known as GOAL initiatives; an organization that creates remarkable event experiences empowered by a collective of visionary partners to introduce sports into the lives of children and teens through youth programming and equip them with the tools they need to succeed on and off the field.

Giving back to the community was always a part of the mission statement but through the years the event has gone from raising nearly nothing to raising over 60k in 2018 alone and the foundation has given back to both local and international youth sports programs within Share the Warmth Montreal, Tyndale St-Georges Community Centre, Mtl Community Cares, Global Citizen, Right to Play, and Kanpe.

Becoming an Foundation

GOAL initiatives mission statement has evolved over the years but Paul has always firmly believed that giving back to youth sports programs is of utmost importance. “Children and teens are a must. You have to invest in youth if you want to help make a positive change on the world” says Paul.

Sports are an important factor in child development, whether it be team building, managing stress, learning how to be a graceful winner, how to accept a loss and persevere, or improving self-esteem. It’s important that all communities, from war zones to children’s hospitals have access to youth sports programs, and GOAL initiatives intends on both funding and equipping as many of these amazing programs as possible.

The GOAL Squad

Paul Desbaillets

Paul Desbaillets

Kimberly Marx

Kimberly Marx

Ryveann Elizabeth

Ryveann Elizabeth

Our 2019 Beneficiaries

Proceeds from each and every initiative are donated to local charities and youth sports programs. We give to local beneficiaries and charities, but there are occasions when the world needs more support (and where our dollar goes further) such as creating infrastructure in a 3rd world country or rebuilding a city in time of natural disasters. Every year, we will release actual figures about the funds donated to each charity.

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