GOAL Talks

Because it’s important to start a conversation and break the stigma, in 2019 GOAL initiatives hosted their first ever GOAL Talks speaker panels throughout the GOAL MTL weekend. 
July 6th, 2019: 
Health, Wellness, Addictions & the Sober Curious Movement – Speak Series
With the sober-curious movement on the rise, mental health and addictions still being taboo topics and our constant strive to better ourselves fuelling multiple fires, the GOAL initiatives Foundation along side the Lighthouse Counselling Center have teamed up to bring you a conversation that will definitely colour outside the lines.  
July 7th, 2019:
Girls Who Rule (under the radar): A CONVERSATION ON WMN & SPORTS
With Marta ruffling feathers across the globe, and female athletes kicking A** the GOAL initiatives Foundation alongside The Female Department are bringing you a speaker’s panel on HOW DOPE FEMALE ATHLETES ARE!
The entire GOAL team looks forward to bringing more of these to even more events in the near future.

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