Street Food Takeover

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When? November 26th, 2023
FREE Pop-Up Market: 11am – 3pm
Street Food Takeover: 5pm until the last beat drops!

Where? Pub Burgundy Lion

What to expect?
Asian x English street food love story by The Satay Brothers & Pub Burgundy Lion Chefs

Evening brimming with food & drink delights : Buffet Style Dinner from 6-8pm

Live Tattooing by the enigmatic ‘Tattoos by Linus’

A musical serenade by Oliver Forest, followed by DJ Todd Wilis

Imagine a world where street food fusions with footy community vibes in support of charity. Dive into a culinary wonderland curated by The Satay Brothers & Michel Childe & Dan Vosburgh of the Pub Burgundy Lion. While you’re devouring that goodness, why not commit to a piece of art from the masterful Linus Yang, right on your skin? As the sun sets, let the rhythms of Oliver Forest take you on a journey, with a DJ to keep you dancing till late.

Here’s the kicker: it’s not just about the party! Every moment, every bite, every tune played is all in support of The GOAL Initiatives Foundation. This pop-up is the embodiment of community spirit, foodie love, and soccer passion all wrapped into one.

This is not just another event. It’s an experience. An immersion. And definitely a not-to-be-missed affair.

Snag your ticket. And remember, the only thing you’ll regret is not eating that extra bite!
[Charity receipt available upon request on-site ]

Join us for an evening that promises a fusion of flavours, art, and music. An experience that celebrates the essence of community and creativity.

+++ FREE to attend GOAL MTL Community POP-UP Market happening from 11am – 3pm @ The Lion’s Rooftop Garden— Because a little shopping never hurt anyone
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